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Confirmation bias would imply that I went into the topic with a philosophy. I actually found the entire topic very weird when I first heard about it, it made no sense to me so a few years back I looked into what the experts were saying, to try to get a grasp on the situation, there was a lack of consensus so I assumed it was just a thing that wouldn't effect us and didn't bother to really form an opinion beyond this being a rare body image issue that the psychology world was dealing with along with plastic surgeons.  NOW it is all over the sports world, people are being sued in sports over it, laws are being written regarding bathrooms in public schools for children.  This suddenly turned into a big issue so I looked back into and do not see how this has been turned from a topic of therapy for possibly mentally ill individuals, who I have great sympathy for, to a civil rights crusade involving lawsuits in sports and laws in public schools.
— Jason D. Blaha, Strength Coach

Alex Mondragon
September 18th '20 9:18am

Goodmorning coach! Lets say we reach our absolute lifetime maxes for all lifts. What does the next phase of training look like after that?

How do you know that? Ted Lind September 18th '20 @ 9:36am
You work on increasing them again and again. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 10:20am
popcornto :
September 18th '20 8:53am

Hey Jason, how long do you usually rest before a max for the Lower Body? Usually I'm resting like 10 minutes between the last warmup and the actual max which makes a max lift take like 45 minutes.

Can I reduce it to like 5 and just rest 1-2 minutes on all Warmups? popcornto : September 18th '20 @ 8:54am
No idea. I don't time it. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 10:20am
lil gag
September 18th '20 6:33am

Are you looking for females again coach or staying single to focus on lifting baby?

We don't discuss my personal life at all. Ask me about deadlifts instead. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 6:37am
Yes the deadlift is the greatest lift of all time... might be piss poor as a hypertrophy tool but as a lift its the GOAT! Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 9:49am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness If it's no good for hypertrophy then what makes it superior to every other exercise ? Ham&CheeseMOFO September 18th '20 @ 10:07am
Because it is an amazing test of brutal strength and probably the most enjoyable lift ever. I thought I have been pretty clear on that. Also you said no good, I did not use that phrase. It can stimulate hypertrophy. Its just piss poor at it relative to a lot of other lifts due to fatigue etc. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Edited: September 18th '20 @ 10:21am
September 18th '20 @ 10:21am
You will notice I have an strong dislike of being paraphrased. If I say something is stupid as f$%k and you claim I said it is f$%king stupid it annoys me. You misquoted me. lol Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 10:26am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness . To say it's "probably the most enjoyable lift ever" is subjective tho and I fail to see how it being "an amazing test of brutal strength" equates to it being the best exercise of all time . Surely that just makes it the best test of strength ever and not the best exercise ever ? So it's a piss poor hypertrophy tool and its only real merit (other than you thinking it feels good) is that it's an amazing test of brutal strength and that makes it the best exercise ever ? I'll pass on that one thanks coach lol Ham&CheeseMOFO September 18th '20 @ 11:07am
Because it is the best test of brute strength. You asked for my opinion and the reasoning behind it. On I have only done the deadlift like twice this year btw. I do it when I want to set a PR on the deadlift. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Edited: September 18th '20 @ 11:11am
September 18th '20 @ 11:10am
David Keller
September 18th '20 6:31am

How far in advance do we set up the number for a max lift , thanks

I like to load the weight for a next max attempt at least 60 seconds before the attempt personally. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 6:38am
I do it right after the last warmup then I rest like 5 minutes and max. popcornto : September 18th '20 @ 8:52am
Faizaan Farookee
September 18th '20 5:13am

Hi coach what is the set and rep scheme you use for high pulls?

The full details of every workout are written below the video. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 5:26am
September 18th '20 3:46am

Hi coach. Do you listen to music when you train?

I always have music at my desk so if I drop back to it between sets or exercises I have it there. However during actual sets no, never. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 4:12am
Uncle Ruckus
September 18th '20 2:46am

Jason, no BS or trolling but I think you have a good relaxing voice. You would even be a EXCELLENT narrator. You could be the white Morgan Freeman.... seriously tho I fall asleep to some of your vids.

So basically you are saying a white dude could be a better Morgan Freeman than Morgan Freeman? I pray for a cure for your revitalago every night btw. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 2:49am
Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness try applying to some small freelancing jobs Jason, who knows where this can go haha, i agree with uncle ruckus, your voice is soothing, coochie von Blahino Adem Crnalic SAM15 Hermods Gymnasium Malmö September 18th '20 @ 2:50am
I've said it before, Jason's the Bob Ross of weightlifting ! Lifting with Grandpa Charlie September 18th '20 @ 3:05am
Adem I don't have time for side jobs. At some point I'm going to have to make time to write an ebook between training and clients. The upside I'm already working on Feb 2021 informative videos so I can probably chill on making those soon to focus on growing the coaching business as needed. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 3:15am
He did ASMR gaming. Living Dead Fitness September 18th '20 @ 12:41pm
September 17th '20 10:09pm

Full range of motion is allways best coach as you say but our own bodys full range of motion our own bodys have our own movement patterns so you are doing whats best for you great work coach

True but full ROM is not always best and it is a very arbitrary term when dealing with multijoint movements. The full ROM of a joint on many lifts would actually injure MOST people under heavy load. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 3:42am
So true coach. Expertly explained as allways thankyou.💪👍 Jonboy September 18th '20 @ 3:46am
Yama Gucci
September 17th '20 8:04pm

Jason, we want to see your GPP. Could you film it?

No. I used to film it. No time for all that these days. Sled drags and loaded carries aren't remotely complex. Use your imagination. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 3:33am
blitz krieg
September 17th '20 7:39pm

Hey bro if your ss bar is elitefts you unscrew the handles for the JM press will light up you tri's seriously give it a try💪

Its Titan which reviewers have said is a literal clone of the specs on the EliteFTS at half the price. Yes the handles screw out. I may not be doing much JM press though in the future. Pressing work is going to be high every week and band pressdowns. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 2:16am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness a Titan on 👊 blitz krieg September 18th '20 @ 4:48am
Hunter Hedwall
Edited: September 17th '20 6:49pm
September 17th '20 6:49pm

Lookin' like you have several clients that make a minimum of 100K per year, coath.

Actually by the definition of the word several, that is not true. Replace with the word many and it would be grammatically correct. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 18th '20 @ 3:34am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Honestly was just trying to be a smart ass and try my best to create a ridiculous comment. I just remember you mentioning that in a video a week or so ago and thought that was cool. Keep up the good videos! Hunter Hedwall September 18th '20 @ 4:51pm
Ted Lind
September 17th '20 3:55pm

Do you still consider the standing Overhead press to be a valuable exercise?

Vague question is vague. Most exercise are valuable. Be specific. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 4:01pm
I’m going off complete guesswork of watching Jason’s videos for a couple years so I may be wrong but I think for most normal people it’s a great exercise and Jason would agree. I think his goals are different from most of ours as he seems pretty laser focused on his sport but for normal folks who are more aesthetic/ hypertrophy focused with a different injury profile, I think it’s an invaluable tool given the upper back, core, delt, chest, tricep and serratus work. Jonathan Jones Edited: September 17th '20 @ 4:51pm
September 17th '20 @ 4:47pm
jason blaha used to be promote the standing press heavily and not even bench for a year Dank Guy September 17th '20 @ 5:35pm
Paul Allen
September 17th '20 3:53pm

I noticed that you changed your belt during this work out. Do you find that one of the belts is good for certain lifts while the other belt is better for others?

Yes, my 13mm Inzer gets in the way on some lifts. Its too bulky and the tongue sticks out and can't really be tucked. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 4:02pm
Troy McGann
September 17th '20 3:44pm

I couldn’t see the bicep tho

i CuLdN't Se3 t3h BiCepS doH!!!1111ONE Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 4:00pm
Stevie Hatton
September 17th '20 3:24pm

Im 42 and have been lifting for 4 years now. Still getting stronger and in the best shape of my life.

Only 4 years deep? You have tons of progress left to make. Keep going. :D Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 3:31pm
c c
Edited: September 17th '20 3:07pm
September 17th '20 3:05pm

I know chins/pullups are the goat, but, given the bad experience with them, have you thought about doing pulldowns? You could use bands of different tension and a broomstick. Or perharps seal rows, aiming very low on your belly to emphasise arm extension.

Pulldowns cause the same inflammation as chin ups did. Its the movement pattern when it occurs certain ways. Seal rows would not be useful for my purposes. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 3:09pm
Got it c c September 17th '20 @ 3:18pm
Ceo Ceo
September 17th '20 2:38pm

Should I deload for a week, at the end of my program, before testing maxes?

Yup. Idk how he does it but that’s what I recommend Coach Butler September 17th '20 @ 3:33pm
I test maxes every week and so do most of my lifters. Do not fear maxes, embrace them as your normal. If you are running a linear periodization program though you might want to deload at the end of the last mesocycle before testing. lol Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 3:49pm
I'm running conjugate Ceo Ceo September 17th '20 @ 3:56pm
Well test maxes on your ME days. What is the problem? Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 4:08pm
Rangerfan 2019
September 17th '20 2:23pm

Coach you have said that you shouldn’t do max effort rows and you don’t set a strength standard for rows because people cheat too much, but what about a seal row? Can I treat the seal row just like the bench press?

I don’t know how he feels, but I strongly suggest building maximum strength in your lats. Honestly, yes, you can do maxes on rows, but weighted pull ups are far more practical. I wouldn’t use a max row for anything other than a once in a blue moon variation. Coach Butler September 17th '20 @ 3:35pm
Interesting question. Would like to know Jason's opinion. pindakaas1212 September 17th '20 @ 3:40pm
Deadlifts actually do involve the lats. If testing a max on a row for programming purposes you need to be SUPER strict and video your ramp up. Don't found any max in which you cheat. Maxing on chins and pull ups is fairly common. Chin ups are a contested lift with a sanctioned sport using calibrated plates. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Edited: September 17th '20 @ 4:09pm
September 17th '20 @ 3:52pm
seal row is hard on the ribcage, the pendlay row is a superior exercise in every way possible, just don't cheat it. it's easy to not cheat, by dropping the weight and not being an ego lifter Dank Guy September 17th '20 @ 5:37pm
Baabar Askary
September 17th '20 1:34pm

Would doing strict pedlay style rows with a supinated grip be dangerous? I'd assume not since the weight used is nowhere near what causes tears on deadlifts? Plus it seems like it would be similar to weight chin ups in terms of the tension on the biceps tendon?

Actually it does appear to be risky, yes. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 1:39pm
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness daaaaamn. Guess l'll need to think up something else to do whilst I sort my forearm out Baabar Askary September 17th '20 @ 1:45pm
funny because that's rippetoe teaches it. I've never been a fan of supine pendlays, I feel like pronated pendlays hit your upper back more and lats a bit less, plus it makes the chin ups a completely different exercise Dank Guy September 17th '20 @ 5:41pm
Ca Chow
September 17th '20 12:56pm

Hey Jason 'Fahves' Blaha, how are you organising these 5x5s in a way that aren't linear progression (obviously not adding every workout) or are they TM based? I don't know any elite lifter that does 5x5 workouts. I'm just kinda surprised

By doing as many sets of 5 as I can complete at 80%. When I'm able to actually do a 5x5 I know my strength is up on that lift and its time to retest the 1rm. It isn't 5x5... its 5s at 80% with a goal of reaching 5x5. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 1:25pm
Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness good idea Dank Guy September 17th '20 @ 5:34pm
good question Dank Guy September 17th '20 @ 5:34pm
John Doe
September 17th '20 12:51pm

Hey coach, what is it exactly about the chin-up that makes it so valuable for you to risk another shoulder injury just to include them in your program? Wouldn’t something like a cable pull down for us that have access to one be much safer whilst still providing all of the rewards of the chin-up?

No vertical pull beats the chin, cable work doesn't carry over Ca Chow September 17th '20 @ 12:57pm
As was said already, it isn't the same. Also the injury risk is only if I do not maintain appropriate muscle balance and I do silly things like try to extend beyond my ROM. BTW I messed with some bands to replicate pulldowns and they aggravate the same area so the risk isn't actually reduced. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 1:27pm
@Ca Chow Agreed. Being injured doesn't carry over either. But half or iso metric reps (leaving out the stretch phase) can provide great results. And things like band "lat prayers". Or meaby see a good therapist instead of short term solution seeking;) pindakaas1212 Edited: September 17th '20 @ 3:38pm
September 17th '20 @ 3:35pm
West Coast Natural Strength
September 17th '20 12:48pm

I have noticed that people with a big bench dont really have a good Incline or a good Press unless they work it Hard ,there is almost no carryover IMO. Now someone that mostly trains Incline and the press they almost always have a good bench becouse of the shorter range of motion and an easier exercise. I would rather be good at all 3 lifts instead of just a big flat bench ,and the chest and delts get in better shape especially if doing Dips for the shape and stretch .

Not always true actually. If they have a big upper back it does carry over. I know of a 500 lbs bencher who tried the standing press the first time in his life, who got 225 for 10 reps on a whim trying ohping for the first time after already benching 500. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 3:11pm
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Upper back yes forsure would help with everything I think ,a 500 pound bencher is probably strong enough to do almost anything good ,but the incline and overhead has to be trained to be at level with the bench press for most lifters probably. I found when I started incline again I felt in my upper back muscles the next day next day so that works my upper back somewhat as well . West Coast Natural Strength September 17th '20 @ 4:37pm
September 17th '20 12:26pm

So ur shoulders are unstable?

No, the exact opposite. I have some ROM issues that cannot even be overcome using heavy weights right up against that ROM. The joint will not physically do some things and when I force it I end up with an impingement. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 12:39pm
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness oh wow Logan September 17th '20 @ 12:40pm
Jacob Mitchem
September 17th '20 12:22pm

Could someone benefit from maxing on smaller movements like glute bridge, curl, skull crusher, etc. Or is it worthless because they require less intermuscular coordination?

I wouldn't on a skull crusher. The rest of the answer is very nuanced and can be shortened to yes but it depends. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 12:38pm
A 1RM skull crusher sounds awful Ca Chow September 17th '20 @ 1:01pm
My elbows hurt reading the phrase “ max skull crusher” lol. Jonathan Jones September 17th '20 @ 4:52pm
James Rendle
September 17th '20 12:12pm

Is it not more important to be slim / fit / limber as we get older ?!?!?! Having a strength base is essential but do we really need to be trying to gain weight , trying to push a 500 pd deadlift to 550 in our 40’s ?

You are about 3 seconds from me dropping a ban hammer with that weak nonsense... I'll give you one more chance but never say such bullsh!t here again. lol Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness September 17th '20 @ 12:16pm