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Dan competes in the 242 not the 220 btw. However valid point
— Jason D. Blaha, Strength Coach

Christian Cabrelli
July 6th '20 7:25am

Nice PR :)! Is it normal for your dead pin bench to be so much weaker than your regular bench? Mines is pretty near.

Its normal. Also this is a different bar so might not be as comparable anyway. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 7:36am
Also that means you don’t know how to bench. You are too loose and have no leg drive. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 7:45am
Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness yeah I’ve always been bad at the bench lol might be my problem. Christian Cabrelli July 6th '20 @ 8:35am
July 6th '20 7:16am

Coach, why am I seeing Vshreds adds on your videos?

I cannot control what adds YOUR account gets. I have it set to base if off your search engine cookies. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 7:36am
July 6th '20 6:57am

Hey coach. What have you been doing lately to target your Tricep weak point

You don't watch the vlogs? I show you every week. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 7:37am
July 6th '20 6:56am

It might be the camera angle but it looks like there's a slight imbalance where your right arm goes up first

Obviously. This kind of thing happens when you get above 90%. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 7:38am
Benny Watts
July 6th '20 6:51am

Looks like you did more work setting up and getting off the bench then the actual lift lol. Looks uncomfortable.

Dead pin work is uncomfortable. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 7:38am
jake mcleavy
July 6th '20 6:17am

Just look at vegan bodybuilders like vegan gains, you can see from his early videos, he looked bigger and healthier in the face, now his skin looks grey, his body looks fat etc.

He isn't a bodybuilder. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 6:30am
He addressed that. He gained a lot of weight because he was struggling with depression. He's already gotten a lot leaner as of late. He's also smaller over the past few months because he hasn't had access to weights; all he can currently do is calisthenics & some band work. These things aren't that difficult to figure out. Abba Cded July 6th '20 @ 10:00am
Vegan diets can cause depression and the type of injuries he has a history of as well. Promoting vegan diets make you a piece of human garbage. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 10:07am
Abba Cded he was gone long before the lockdown Irish Peckerwood CAX July 6th '20 @ 1:06pm
Christian Cabrelli
Edited: July 6th '20 6:05am
July 6th '20 6:02am

Whats the difference and benefits does the cambered bar give you compared to a normal barbell?

You can find articles on this with a 5 second google search by a dozen coaches. I can probably make a video later but it depends completely on the individual lift. Obviously it doesn't work the same on a squat, good morning or bench press. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 6:09am
Different balance. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 6:09am
Neural Tech
July 6th '20 4:14am

What is your Testosterone at with your supplementation? 1000+?

I don’t discuss this. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 4:29am
It’s fitness related is it not... Neural Tech July 6th '20 @ 8:56am
Here I will retype that for you: I don't discuss this. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 10:09am
I don’t understand why you’re being so weird about it. Neural Tech July 6th '20 @ 1:09pm
Long standing policy. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 2:02pm
Leon R
July 6th '20 3:49am

Hi Jason, what's your opinion on a 4 days per week full body powerlifting routine for strength gains? For me personally, full body just feels more natural and more fun to do. For example im currently looking at following program:

No. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 4:09am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness thanks, any explain on why not? Maybe you can explain on next q&a video👍.. Leon R July 6th '20 @ 4:26am
You already know what type of programs I prescribe. This isn’t one of them. You already know why. I’ve made plenty of videos on volume and frequency. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 4:28am
Elias Thompson
July 5th '20 5:10pm

Blaha flaxseeds are estrogenic

No, not really. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 5:33pm
Ca Chow
July 5th '20 3:37pm

Hey Jason I tried implementing snatch grip barbell high pulls for the first time today (direct shoulder work got stale and wasn't progressing) but got some minor pain and clicking at the top ROM. Advice and cues to train the accessory safely? I want to train for longevity but man do side laterals get stale. They were very light (40lbs) and came to nipple level

I would cut them out, make sure your rear delts and rotators are strong before trying them again. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 3:38pm
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness that's the thing, I train my rotator cuff and rear delts very seriously. To me, seriously means 5x10 rows twice per week (200lbs for strict reps by the way) and doing 200 face pulls a week. My rear delts and traps are huge and I never get any shoulder pain. I can press 200lbs for a single too. What gives? Ca Chow July 5th '20 @ 3:45pm
No one can give you form advice on a lift you did not film. So I have no further tips. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 3:48pm
Ze Us
July 5th '20 2:52pm

Would you be able to fall asleep that early without melatonin?

Yes. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 3:05pm
pekka jorone
July 5th '20 1:41pm

Jason, what is your opinion on The juggernaut thraining AI powerbuilding, and Powerlifting programming?

I don’t have an opinion on it. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 1:50pm
Lifting with Grandpa Charlie
July 5th '20 1:05pm

I make a crock pot of pigs feet with sauerkraut for collagen. I eat it with riced mash potatoes. I love it. In a pinch a couple of packs of unflavored gelatin with beef bullion cube in hot water post workout.

That can be a good option as well. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 1:14pm
David Lampman
July 5th '20 12:36pm

Being a new intermediate looking to switch over to conjugate, if unable to get bands for awhile can I make a basic rotation without any bands?

Yes. Some of my lifters do not have bands or chains. Speed work with bands requires a LOT of bands not just a 50 lbs set. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 12:43pm
Run 3 week waves of 60%, 65%, 70% or 65, 70, 75. It’s been working great for me since I can’t order more bands right now Strength Hacks July 6th '20 @ 4:40pm
Raphael deSouza
July 5th '20 11:30am

i think i hurt the cv joint on my right shoulder. should i take time off lifting let it heal? or lift lighter?

All injuries need to be trained around and actively rehabbed. Stopping training is the worst possible option. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Edited: July 5th '20 @ 12:43pm
July 5th '20 @ 11:39am
July 5th '20 10:30am

I don't understand. I check in a few months ago and this guy was downing milk by the gallon. Now he has switched to a more carbohydrate based diet. Why go to extremes? Surely you could follow a more balanced diet

What does a balanced diet mean? Eating brown rice, oats, fruit, vegetables and lean animal protein sources isn't balanced? Or do I have to add pizza or something? Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 10:48am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Whatever works for you Jason I don't mean to come across as condensing or rude. I guess I view diet in more simple terms. I don't think its appropriate to go to extremes. Get a satisfactory amount of protein, carbs and fats. A lot of people make this more complicated that it is. Extreme diets are just fads. On reflection I'm not suggesting this is what you are doing, I guess I'm not taking into account that you are an advanced lifter and want to gain that extra edge with your diet and suppose there is no harm in experimenting. stevo92 July 5th '20 @ 11:36am
Christian Hater
July 5th '20 10:15am

What kind of lighting are you using? It always looks like daytime but at 4 a.m. I wouldn't expect it to look like this with just natural lighting

LED lights Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 10:22am
John Locke
July 5th '20 10:02am

Long term melatonin supplementation can have negative side effects!

Citation please. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 10:23am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness John Locke July 5th '20 @ 10:42am
They make lists like that for protein powder also. They didn't give their citations either. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 10:49am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness The article was written by a medical doctor. Research agrees with his long term side effects. John Locke July 5th '20 @ 11:18am
John Locke My doctor also told me that eating more than 3 eggs per day can lead to hearth attack. Although idk about melatonin, I wouldn't take every doctors word for granted.. Marko Milićević July 6th '20 @ 3:14am
Paul Sacco
July 5th '20 9:48am

You left out your drug stack....very deceptive in not mentioning it especially as someone lifting elite numbers in their 40s. You should be open about.

Out of everyone on YouTube I'm on the far end of LEAST deceptive. All of YouTube fitness is on something, 2/3 of them still lie about being natty. You saw the entire thing here. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 10:02am
Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Don’t get me wrong I know you are the least deceptive of all YouTubers. I have been a long time sub since Ice Cream days man. I love your stuff but why not mention exactly what you take? Paul Sacco July 5th '20 @ 11:00am
I’ve said before I will not. There is too much blowback and bullshit around it. You literally saw the entire stack though. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 11:27am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness saw 😉 Justin Montagne July 5th '20 @ 11:55am
Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Ok fair enough! Thanks for all your informative videos! Paul Sacco July 5th '20 @ 12:09pm
Cody Wilson
July 5th '20 9:38am

Didn’t you say that supplements don’t work

95% of them don't. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 10:02am
Most don't, Jason is talking about the 100 dollar a bottle rhino horn cock plaster get shredded in a month X crap Grizzlyman Verneteil July 5th '20 @ 9:57pm
July 5th '20 9:31am

Dat ending tho lol. I think you definitely missed a few things coach. Your bench had stalled at three plates for eons bro. It’s seems to have gone up quite a bit lately.

Or you could not lie and claim I have been at a 315 bench. That isn't where I stalled. My bench has gone up 17 lbs this year. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 10:03am
Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness My bad, I vaguely recall it was around 315 last I checked but I haven’t been following for quite a while. Still, it’s quite an impressive jump at your age. Dem gains be boosting real well. Ozymandias July 5th '20 @ 10:15am
335 to 352 isn’t bad at all considering I’m not heavier body weight. I’m happy with than. Need another 20 this year though. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 10:24am
samo modic
July 5th '20 8:37am

Do you really need 10mg of melatonin or is it effective in lower dosages? Any correlation between dosage and person's weight?

I notice a difference going from 3 to 10 personally. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 8:41am
No most people don’t need 10mg. Anywhere between 0.3mg to 1mg will be effective for most people. I take 1mg every night. Thrash Edited: July 6th '20 @ 6:19am
July 6th '20 @ 6:18am
James Rendle
July 5th '20 8:04am

Jason , do you use TRT ?

@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Why? (Don't ban me pls) Julius Albrechtsen July 5th '20 @ 8:20am
Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Off topic from the original post but I’m in a bit of a dilemma as to whether I should stack up on protein with COVID-19 and all. People saying it’s over and people saying it’s better to be safe and stock up. There’s a 120-125 serving pack, a 250 serving pack, and 350 serving pack and a 500 serving pack. What would you lean towards? Ozymandias July 5th '20 @ 10:03am
Why can you not discuss it when it’s a huge part of the equation for older lifters ? James Rendle July 5th '20 @ 1:23pm
James for obvious reasons. The sheer stupidity of young inexperienced lifters being top of the list. They actually think the guys they follow are natural, who use a gram or more, due to claiming natty, and literally seem to think anyone using any testosterone should magically look like Zyzz and anything they do is unimpressive due to falling for the bullshit of self-proclaimed naturals. Then the legalities, youtube polities everything else. There is zero benefit and only negatives to me delving into this topic. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 3:27pm
I literally already got hate just for what was in this video from several people. I didn't have to even show that. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 5th '20 @ 4:00pm
July 5th '20 7:59am

12:12 I knew he was using a lil something

It’s pretty obvious if you know anything about strength and fitness, who in their right mind expects a guy in his 40s to lose fat while adding a ton of weight to the bar on all the big movements. Even with a lil something that’s not easy to do Rangerfan 2019 Edited: July 5th '20 @ 1:08pm
July 5th '20 @ 1:08pm
@Rangerfan 2019 a litle something lol Tenyks July 5th '20 @ 1:33pm
As Rangerfan said I have plenty of friends who are serious lifters on a little something who are impressed with my progress. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness July 6th '20 @ 4:13am