Jason Blaha's Q&A and Training Log

+Lev Gorecki name ONE great who broke the laws of physics, chemistry or biology?  Many of the greats understood the limits, or found the limits, and used outside the box thinking to reach their goals.... none of them exceeded their limits and all of them had limits.
— Jason D. Blaha, Strength Coach

Peter Garnier
October 20th '20 6:42am

Solid depth!

The 552. I probably cut the 502 short but was still basically a warm up. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 20th '20 @ 7:35am
popcornto :
October 20th '20 6:41am

If someone reached your 400 squat standard and 500 Deadlift standard in one year as a teenager, would it be reasonable to assume they have 650 and 550 Dead and Squat in their future assuming enough years of correct training?

@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness wow that's a very interesting point, didn't really think about that. I guess it's only reasonable to assume once they hit the numbers hahahaha. I've heard from many lifters that one should only worry about the next level, not several levels ahead. Meaning someone like me should worry how I can get to a 550 Deadlift and 450 Squat before worrying about things way ahead. popcornto : October 20th '20 @ 9:44am
Correct. You need to worry about how you are going to get the next 50 lbs on your squat. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 20th '20 @ 10:33am
@Clinton Jasperson honestly who cares. Why don’t you put in the years of hard work and find out. Josh Northgate 29 Palms October 20th '20 @ 1:53pm
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Ok. Thanks for clarifying. I recently hit 450 deadlift, 350, squat, and 225 bench at 6 feet tall and 200# 35 year old male formerly obese about a decade ago. Been training about 9 months and was just curious where things were and if that progress had any indication on future potential. I didn't realize it would be impossible and not useful to think about this. Clinton Jasperson Edited: October 20th '20 @ 8:46pm
October 20th '20 @ 8:46pm
@Josh Northgate 29 Palms I cared because I was curious. That's all. Clinton Jasperson October 20th '20 @ 8:48pm
@Clinton Jasperson nothing wrong with that but I think that’s a fun part of the journey. Dont limit yourself though. I’m already WAY stronger than I thought I would ever be. Now I have set new goals. Believe and achieve. Josh Northgate 29 Palms Edited: October 21st '20 @ 1:47pm
October 21st '20 @ 1:46pm
Alan Hill
Edited: October 20th '20 6:41am
October 20th '20 6:40am

Great lift! I used some wraps for the first time yesterday on a max. My knees thank me, but does that make me a bad person?

Why would your knees thank you? There are studies on wraps showing they can damage your knees. Only wear them going into comp if you compete in a wraps class imo. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 20th '20 @ 6:51am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness I guess my knees are thinking short when they should be thinking long lol...will look into it. Definitely will be a sometime thing at most. Alan Hill October 20th '20 @ 6:52am
Yeah what Jason said. Tight wraps/sleeves will damage your knees over time if constantly used. Only use on your most specific lifts closer to meet time for your wraps, and if you're in a strength block of training only use sleeves sparingly (maybe once per week). Justin's North Idaho Dirtbike Adventures Edited: October 20th '20 @ 8:32am
October 20th '20 @ 8:31am
​@Justin's North Idaho Dirtbike Adventures I suspect it will be once every few weeks at most. I picked some knee issues a few months ago during lockdown, had to basically rebuild my squat from 0. Working on everything I need to do to keep the support musculature around the knees strong. I don't use sleeves. Alan Hill October 21st '20 @ 3:16am
October 20th '20 6:35am

Hey coach, how’s the sickness?

It last about 2 days. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 20th '20 @ 6:35am
October 20th '20 5:00am

Jason was caught busting his micro banana on cam!!! Also snorting A ton of Columbias finest!!!!! - channel shut and that's why!!!...

The fact that you are involved enough with stalking an autistic person to know this suggests you should probably seek help. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 20th '20 @ 6:26am
j j
October 19th '20 7:40pm

Coach do you abuse caffeine?

Ummm, have you not seen the thousands of videos of him drinking coffee? In fairness, sometimes he did fake sips for some reason. Peter Ryan October 19th '20 @ 9:20pm
The fake sips were just a meme. Every one of those sips was real. lol Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 20th '20 @ 5:30am
Rangerfan 2019
October 19th '20 5:12pm

Coach do you count calories these days?

I'd seriously doubt you could get this dialed in and yoked without closely managing you dietary intake Peter Ryan October 19th '20 @ 5:57pm
I'm sure he does, he said multiple times he'd be obese if he just followed his appetite. popcornto : October 19th '20 @ 7:45pm
As said above if I just ate to appetite and didn't track I would be 300 lbs, not 220. I have a pretty bottomless pit. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 20th '20 @ 5:30am
Ca Chow
October 19th '20 3:49pm

Hey Jason, Mark Rippetoe has just told a 21 year old kid that in order to improve his 450 squat, 490 deadlift, 300 bench and 200 press that he needs to go from 195lbs bw to 250lbs at a height of 6ft. He has been training 1 and a half years. Are these bodyweight numbers sensible, feasible and effective and do sub 500lb 6ft squatters really need to be so damn big?

That is definitely on the higher end.... I would probably personally work on taking him up to 220 over the next year if he were a client. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 4:30pm
Dominick Loka
Edited: October 19th '20 3:28pm
October 19th '20 3:27pm

As someone who has been training overhead press for the last five years, I know that the spot you are in right now isn't the easiest mentally speaking. The body returns to former levels quite fast once coordination is regained. Both of us know this. I am in a similar place myself. I am back doing 175 for 5 easy triples followed with easy singles at 200. In my best shape, I was doing 200-205 for volume triples or 210-215 for volume doubles. There will be no point in attempting 250 unless I am able to hit 210 on volume triples. The great John Davis was at 210 for 8-10 triples when his best press was at 250 lbs (this was in 1938-39). My favorite inspirational video is John Davis (5ft 9 in. 225 lbs) doing a 330-lb Clean & Press at Helsinki:

Yup and all we can do is put in the work and be consistent. Fortunately I do not have an emotional attachment to this like I do the conventional deadlift which makes it easier to execute a calm game plan. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 4:25pm
Nype Dype
October 19th '20 2:45pm

Hi, Jason, how does training effect a 15 year old s body? I heard you say in a video that people who start training very early get some genetic mutations or something? (Epigenetics) and how could one manipulate them for being stronger and more muscular in the future? Could you expand on this topic?

I don't know that there is anything to expound on. If you start young you have a clear advantage. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 20th '20 @ 3:08am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness could young lifters experience bone structure changes? Why do we get an advantage it's because we have been training for longer or it's because we got some genetic changes? Nype Dype October 20th '20 @ 3:39am
Ron Dvorakcheuk
October 19th '20 2:41pm

Hi Jason, Looking at some different diet plans, can you give your views on GameChangers vs Carbon Diet Vs Vertical Diet - I have tried other in the past and wanted to get some good insight on you from these diet plans before giving it a try

I use the vertical diet personally right now. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 2:49pm
October 19th '20 2:36pm

Jason whats the height of those plyo bench boxes u have . Thanks

12” Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 2:49pm
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Thank you so much i suffer from scoliosis this exercise will save my back and my legs :) J K October 19th '20 @ 2:56pm
October 19th '20 2:22pm

Hey jason, how do you figure out what reps to do at a certain percentage? Is there a calculator or a calculation that you use to figure out what to do for 5x5 (for example) if your 1rm is say...315?

Are you a werewolf? I have my lifters do 5s at 80%, 10s at 70% etc. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 2:55pm
Barbell King
October 19th '20 2:01pm

Jason, do you ever do Pullovers or are they pretty much useless?

Nope Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 2:25pm
Ted Lind
October 19th '20 1:53pm

Do you do extra upper back work on off days?

Band work Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 1:57pm
Rose x Claude
October 19th '20 1:45pm

345 bench max today.

Nice work. Did you film it? Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 2:26pm
Yep I did and got a ton of feedback Rose x Claude October 19th '20 @ 4:37pm
Michael Warren
October 19th '20 1:38pm

What work capacity you have sheesh.

Lol it's true. Doing JM Presses at 195 after 2 maxes and 9 sets of back off work work is other worldly. Alan Hill October 19th '20 @ 3:21pm
What are they putting in the water down here in Texas? Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 4:25pm
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Well higher than normal amounts of fluorine apparently, but that might not be it. Alan Hill October 19th '20 @ 4:44pm
popcornto :
October 19th '20 12:55pm

Hey Jason, why aren't you doing Rows anymore?

I should probably just not talk during these vlogs. Clearly it is wasted effort. 😂 Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 1:12pm
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness sorry man wasn't at that point of the video yet when I commented. After that point tho, another question arises, you do alot of Pressing Volume and multiple movements for that, couldn't you still program both the Chinups and the Rows right after or do you not need both because your back is already strong and not a weak point? I ask because let's say your back were to be a weak link, would you program both and increase volume even more? popcornto : October 19th '20 @ 7:43pm
October 19th '20 12:53pm

Hey coach, would you consider bench press and paused bench press diferrent exercises for the purpose of prevent overuse injuries?

Probably not in that case Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 1:06pm
Thanks. GUILHERME October 19th '20 @ 1:13pm
Justin's North Idaho Dirtbike Adventures
October 19th '20 12:52pm

Hmm. those aren't JM Presses. Those just look like a bench press more over the face. The way JM Blakely shows is it looks more of a skull crusher just under the chin.

Mayhappen they is... but they hammer my triceps and don’t chew up my elbows. 🤷‍♂️ Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 1:06pm
Sean S.
October 19th '20 11:55am

Could it be beneficial to stand up straight, as opposed to leaning back while you're doing this exercise?

No. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 12:20pm
Fain White
October 19th '20 10:07am

Is the full grip your doing for your shoulder situation, or something different? I’m just curious because you’ve said that the false grip is typically better for the press (not trolling)

I corrected that YEARS ago. Meaning the statement you just asked me about I corrected it videos a very long time ago. You've seen me do tons of pressing with a full grip since if you watched the vlogs over the years. Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Edited: October 19th '20 @ 10:35am
October 19th '20 @ 10:35am
My apologies, my WiFi was bad until recently and youtube videos were really blurry and I couldn’t tell what grip you were using, and I just started watching you this year and haven’t seen that video. Again, my apologies Fain White October 19th '20 @ 10:43am
Np. Yeah I endorsed the false grip many years ago, but realized it was foolish in general later on. 😂 Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 10:55am
Zyon Zyon
October 19th '20 8:52am

no more kinobody vids?

You must have missed all of 2020. 😂 Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 9:23am
dont trust anyone even ur waifu hehehe
October 19th '20 8:50am

Any reason why you dont lockout at the top? Not trolling maybe I missed the video on this.

That’s my full lockout Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 9:21am
We’ve done 50+ videos on this. 😂 Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 9:23am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Ok ty Ill check through dont trust anyone even ur waifu hehehe October 19th '20 @ 9:28am
guus van de voorde
October 19th '20 8:15am

Hey Jason, any updates on the recomp?

I don't understand? Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 8:20am
If I lose weight I will update you. I've not dropped under the last weigh in and am not particularly concerned with it. You see me in nothing but shorts every week. That's your update. :D Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness October 19th '20 @ 8:22am
@Jason Blaha's Strength and Fitness Thanks coach! guus van de voorde October 19th '20 @ 8:26am